Scene Stealers, Demon Ants, And Cussing: Very Specific Best Of TV Awards For 2016

12.12.16 7 Comments

The end of the calendar year is upon us, which means it’s time for lists. Lots of lists. Best Ofs, Worst Ofs, Middlest Ofs, lists on lists on lists. While most of the lists focus on the biggest events of the year, it’s important to remember that a year is made up of moments of all sizes. So, while my colleague Alan Sepinwall focuses on those biggies with his Top 20 TV Shows of the Year, I’m going to take a targeted approach and hit some of the smaller ones. A lot of the smaller ones.

Ladies and gentleman, it’s The 2016 Very Specific Best Of TV Awards.

Best Hair

Winner: Steve on Stranger Things

The big story with Steve’s hair in the first season of Stranger Things was that it looked like Jean-Ralphio’s from Parks and Recreation. But maybe the bigger story should have been that Jean-Ralphio’s hair looked like that in the 2010s, not the 1980s, when it was almost appropriate. It’s a majestic look in any decade, though.

Best Show In Which A Blogger Had To Use Electrocharged Demon Ants To Restart An Evil Four-Star General’s Heart Because The Plane’s Defibrillator Was Ruined When A Mutated Sloth Shrieked So Loud That It Caused An Earthquake

Winner: Zoo

I really must stress to you that this is a thing that happened on network television this year. And you could make a decent argument that it wasn’t the most insane thing that happened in this season of Zoo, either. Those demon ants tried to short circuit a particle accelerator to blow up Switzerland. It’s a good show, is what I’m saying.

Best Show You’re Not Watching, The Answer Is Halt and Catch Fire, Please Start Watching Halt and Catch Fire

Winner: Halt and Catch Fire

I repeat: You do not have to watch season one. Wiki it and start at season two. It’s the best workplace drama since Mad Men, even if it didn’t devote a full episode to an entire company hallucinating after getting shady speed injections. Yet.

Best Show In Which The Characters Speak English But The Accents Are So Thick That I Need To Use Closed Captions Anyway

Winner: Peaky Blinders

Love this show. No clue what anyone is saying.

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