What Does Walter Flynn Offer Tommy In ‘Power’?

(SPOILERS for this week’s Power Book IV: Force will be found below.)

From the start of Power Book IV: Force, it’s been Walter Flynn’s hope that Tommy Egan would eventually realize that there was no place for him in Chicago and that he’d eventually leave and let things go back to normal. Unfortunately for him, the complete opposite has happened. Tommy has convinced Vic to work with him on a few occasions while also, unbeknownst to Walter, connecting with Claudia Flynn to sell their new drug, Dahlia. Walter is running out of options to get the upper hand on Tommy, and it seemingly left him with one choice.

What Does Walter Flynn Offer Tommy?

After calling Tommy over for a meeting at his house, Walter offers him a position in the Irish Crime Family. With this, it’s clear that Walter’s mindset is “if you can’t beat them, join them,” but even then, it seems like Walter has something up his sleeve. Nonetheless, Tommy turns down Walter’s offer citing his inability to trust him as someone who will stick to their word. It’s also through this conversation that Tommy learns of Walter’s desire to kill Gloria and finally remove her from Vic’s life.

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