What We’ll Miss The Most About ‘Parks And Rec’ Based On Last Night’s Episodes

Every week during this unfortunately abbreviated final season of Parks and Recreation, we’ll count off the things we’ll miss the most about that goddamn delight of a TV series. It’s an all-time great sitcom in its seventh year; there’s no reason to pick it apart and criticize things it MAYBE could have done differently. I’d rather just enjoy seeing Amy Poehler and Chris Pratt on my television screen for as long as they’ll be there. Which is only six more weeks. Oh god.


1. The Fire Joe Morgan in-jokes.

2. Leslie’s remarkable enthusiasm: “This could be my crowning achievement. I could retire. I mean, I wouldn’t. I’m going to work until I’m 100, and then cut back to four days a week. Oh god, I’m already so bored thinking about that one day off.”

3. “…Bird Census 1980. And it’s empty.” Waiting for the next Jon Hamm appearance.

4. Hardcore Chris Pratt nudity.

5. The weird and wonderful characters who make up Pawnee, including Werner Herzog.

“Ron & Jammy”

1. “Well, did you at least get Buddy Holly to sing?” Joan’s big fish, small pond ego.

2. Ron Swanson giggling.

3. Parks‘ predictions for 2017: “I think you’re gonna like it here, and obviously everyone’s in a really great mood now because of the Cubs winning the Series.”

4. “Hey, you big hunk of wiener meat. I’ve got 40 hand towels, some energy bars, and a Chinese finger trap. Let’s get gross.” Tammy II finding new ways to be a revolting human being, even when they’re said through a gyrating Leslie.

5. The Pawnee library literature, including Game of Joans, a novelization of the USA Network series Psych, and a fictional novel titled Air Force Nøne.