What’s on Tonight: ‘New Girl’ Returns

11.01.11 6 years ago 15 Comments

New Girl (Fox) — The hit comedy returns after its World Series/”X Factor”-induced hiatus. I’ve enjoyed it so far, but I’m afraid I might develop some Zooey fatigue soon. Also, the guy who plays the douchebag friend is almost intolerable.

NCIS (CBS) — Melinda McGraw, recipient of the most famous televised fingerbang in history, guest stars as the ex-wife of both Gibbs (Mark Harmon) and Fornell (Joe Spano).

Last Man Standing/Man Up! (ABC) — These still exist. The only TV show with an exclamation point worth watching is “Jeopardy!”

Sons of Anarchy (FX) — So yeah, Clay’s finally become the villain. I gotta say, Piney wasn’t very smart about delivering that ultimatum last week.

Glee (Fox) — “Glee Project” winner Damian McGinty joins the show as an Irish exchange student. Singing ensues.

Covert Affairs (USA) — Fall premiere. Welcome back, Piper Perabo. (Never gets old.)

LATE NIGHT GUESTS: Ben Stiller and Whitney Cummings on Letterman; Eddie Murphy on Leno; Adam Sandler and the Bangles (?) on Kimmel; Dennie Miller on Ferguson; Tracy Morgan and Mario Batali on Fallon; Condoleeza Rice on “The Daily Show”; Yo-Yo Ma on Colbert; Hugh Jackman on Conan.

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