When Does ‘The Chi’ Season 6, Episode 14 Come Out?

(WARNING: Spoilers for The Chi season 6 will be found below.)

As The Chi nears a conclusion for season six, we’re left to wonder what will Victor’s fate be when it’s all said and done. The councilman was officially charged in the death of Q. Investigators are offering to drop the charges against him if he testifies that the murder was done by Douda (which it was). This leaves Victor with an extremely tough decision to make. Elsewhere, Rob comes around to reconnecting with his father, but that chance is quickly taken away as he’s murdered at the end of the episode. Kiesha discovers that her son not only has sickle cell disease, but that Nuk is his father, something Emmett will have to get around to accepting despite his dislike for Nuk. Finally, Jada gets visited by an old friend after they learned about her breakup.

Here’s what to expect on the next episode in The Chi season six:

When Will The Chi Season 6, Episode 14 Come Out?

The fourteenth episode of The Chi season six, titled “Smoke & Mirrors,” will arrive on June 14. The episode will be available on Friday, 6/14 on the Paramount+ with SHOWTIME app starting at midnight EST/PST. The episode will later air on the SHOWTIME TV channel on June 16 at 9 pm ET/PT. A synopsis for “Smoke & Mirrors” can be found below:

Jake does his best to distract a restless Victor. Alicia makes a deal and issues a warning. Papa takes center stage while Britney confides in Maisha and Jemma.

‘The Chi’ season 6, part 2 is now streaming on Paramount+ with SHOWTIME. Seasons 1-5 as well as season 6, part 1 are available now to stream on Paramount+ with SHOWTIME