‘The Chi’ Teases A Full-Blown War And The Repercussions Of It In A Thrilling New Season Six Trailer

(WARNING: Spoilers for The Chi season six will be found below.)

There will be plenty of changes to get used to in the upcoming second half of The Chi season six. Next week will mark seven months since the first half of season six came to an end after a dramatic run of episodes that shook the South Side of Chicago and its characters. There was the death of Pastor Jackson, who was killed by Douda, and there was Kevin’s departure as he took his talents to Los Angeles to pursue a gaming career. Furthermore, Victor and Fatima are taking their relationship to the next level, while Emmett and Douda’s will take a turn for the worse after Emmett and Rob’s unsuccessful attempt to kill Douda. Like I said, there will be a lot to get used to in the second half of season six.

The good news with all of this is that The Chi season six, part two will debut in less than a month. The series will return to Paramount+ with SHOWTIME on May 10, and today, the platform shared the official trailer for season six, part two. The new preview details a brewing war in the aftermath of Emmett’s attempted assassination of Douda. We see Douda demand death on anyone who tries to kill him, we see Emmett seemingly prepare to team up with Alicia to fight back against Douda as she also hates him, and we saw how this situation effects around them. Keisha is worried about the safety of her family, Emmett is doing his best to keep the family safe, and Rob still recovers from his injuries.

Elsewhere, we see new storylines come to life. Papa seems to take interest in a new church and its pastor, something that concerns Kenya. Jake heads down a path that Victor strongly advises against, and speaking of Victor, he lands in some trouble with the law.

You can watch the trailer for The Chi season six, part two in the video above.

‘The Chi’ season 6 part 2 debuts on Paramount+ with SHOWTIME on May 10, 2024. Seasons 1-5 as well as season 6 part 1 are available now to stream on Paramount+ with SHOWTIME