The ‘Mythbusters’ Build Team Is Blowing Stuff Up On Netflix In The Trailer For ‘The White Rabbit Project’

Kari Byron, Tory Belleci and Grant Imahara were crucial parts of Mythbusters for years, both in front of the camera and behind some of the show’s most ridiculous stunts. They left during the last season, and now, the team is back.

The Netflix series, arriving December 9th, will feel pretty familiar to fans of the team’s previous work, not least because the show is from several Mythbusters producers and follows the team down a “rabbit hole” as they use science on various pop culture ideas, “scientific” axioms, and other excuses to get drunk at work, play with explosives, and run around with flamethrowers. So, yeah, it’s Mythbusters, just with the serial numbers filed off.

Still, though, it’ll be a welcome return. The Build Team often dealt with the flashiest, strangest myths in later seasons, and that sensibility seems to translate here. Tory’s got a flamethrower, there’s what looks a lot like a life-size Pinewood Derby car on some tarmac, robot knights jousting much to Grant’s glee at the awesome data he just collected. Oh, and there’s also Grant reenacting a classic scene from Office Space, in full nerd outfit. We have no idea just why that is, but thankfully we won’t have to wait long to find out.