Allow Will Arnett To Explain This Photo Of Him High-Fiving Donald Trump

Will Arnett and Martin Short were both guests on The Late Late Show on Wednesday night, where James Corden asked the two native Canadians about the difference between Canadian politicians and the American politicians the English host now finds himself being exposed to. In a nutshell, Arnett says it feels like their politicians “smoke more weed,” which is quite possible.

Of course, it was only a matter of time before the subject of Donald Trump came up, who Arnett — doing a fantastic yet brief impersonation — admits is entertaining, even if he’s “not a Trump guy.” When presented with evidence to the contrary, a photo of the two men engaged in a high-five at a hockey game however, Arnett is forced to explain himself. He says that he thinks the moment happened last spring when the New York Rangers scored to win a series last game, which we guess is acceptable.

Also, when Donald Trump attends a sporting event — or probably anything, really — New Yorkers would apparently just relentlessly yell “Hey Trump, you’re fired!” at him, which actually paints kind of a sad picture of what it was like to be Donald Trump before he ran for president. Well, for what it’s worth, people are definitely no longer yelling that catchphrase at the guy.