Un-‘Lock The Gates’: 8 Times Marc Maron Got Deep On The ‘WTF’ Podcast

09.27.14 4 years ago 5 Comments
I was introduced to Marc Maron when I was young. I remember watching his Comedy Central Presents, and he had this joke about if the cops ever staked out his house they wouldn’t have much to talk about, that he’d masturbated two times before getting out of bed. I didn’t hear or see anything else from him until several years later (as was the case for a lot of people, based on Maron’s own accounts of being a struggling comic) when my friends and I went to see him in Cleveland, and I discovered his podcast, WTF with Marc Maron.

After the show I downloaded every episode of WTF I could. As an aspiring comedy writer who drove a print shop delivery truck for a living, listening to episode after episode of Maron interviewing the comedians and writers I loved (Onion writers, stand-ups, TV writers) about personal details of their lives became the soundtrack to my day job. Sure, Maron has personal issues and resentments, but he has an uncanny ability to ask questions in a way that allows people to be very open about personal topics. Here we take a look at the times Maron got the most deep with his guests.

Sam Simon — Episode 389

Topics include: Living with terminal cancer, animals rights, co-creating The Simpsons.

Lynn Shawcroft — Episode 369

*Not the full episode. I suggest purchasing it here.

Topics include: Mitch Hedberg (RIP her late husband, and the greatest comedian ever) and drug addiction.

Patrice O’Neal — Episode 95

Topics include: Rape convictions, prison life, and life without a father.

Todd Hanson — Episode 190

Topics include: Depression, a suicide attempt, and the recovery afterwards.

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