A British Airways Plane Had To Make An Emergency Landing Due To Smelly Poop


A British Airways flight headed from Heathrow to Dubai had to make an emergency landing “for health and safety reasons” not long after the seven hour flight took off Thursday night, due to a passenger who was plagued with some particularly foul-smelling poop in one of the cabin bathrooms.

Abhishek Sachdev, a British Councillor who was on the flight, told the Daily Mail that about a half hour into the trip, the pilot made an urgent announcement requesting senior cabin crew. Although he was not seated close enough to the bathroom to immediately smell the offending dump, that’s when he knew something was wrong.

‘About 10 minutes later he said you may have noticed there’s a quite pungent smell coming from one of the toilets.

‘He said it was liquid [fecal] excrement, those are the words he used. He said it’s not a technical fault with the plane, and he was very adamant about that.’

When the plane landed back in Heathrow, British Airways offered apologies as well as hotel accommodation and food vouchers, being that the next flight out wouldn’t be for 15 more hours. As much as I feel for the passengers who had to put up with this ordeal, mostly I feel the worst for the pooper, who probably never wants to show his or her face in public ever again.

Let he who has never had to take an emergency poo in the crowded bathroom of a New York City K-Mart cast the first stone.

(The Daily Mail via Vice)