Alex Morgan And Sydney Leroux Went To Hawaii And All We Got Was This Lousy Instagram

We here at With Leather heap a lot of praise on U.S. women’s soccer star Alex Morgan, whether she’s getting unnecessarily sprayed with water, wearing nothing but body-paint in Sports Illustrated, dancing around with Conan O’Brien or, I don’t know, being great at soccer.

We should also be heaping praise on her teammate Sydney Leroux. In addition to being an Olympic gold medalist alongside the rest of the women on the U.S. National team, she’s the affable sort who’d dress up like Gabby Douglas to supplement her friend’s McKayla Maroney Halloween costume and take tons of carefully-filtered Instagrams when she and Alex Morgan take a vacation to Hawaii. This is a great public service. Also, she looks incredible in a bikini. So there’s that.

Here’s that, in full:

And another, in case that one didn’t register.

If you’re wondering how to make your body look like that in a swimsuit — or how to cultivate a friendship that strong — the answer to both is “prancercise.”

// hope the women of the U.S. national team continue to be famous and beloved enough to do whatever they want, and bored enough to not do anything important.

[h/t to Larry Brown]