Watch Amber Rose Have To Explain Consent To Tyrese And Rev. Run On Their Own Show

You’d think the man who sang “Sweet Lady” would be a bit more progressive in his ideas toward women, but model Amber Rose had to explain consent to both Tyrese and Rev. Run on their show It’s Not You, It’s Men recently.

Both hosts trotted out counterpoints about reputations and what clothing women are wearing before being shut down by Rose.

“Like if you see a basketball player and he’s known as a basketball player when you see him you’ll be like ‘Yo, let’s go play ball,'” Tyrese said, before moving into a defense of groping. “It’s an energy that’s being sent out there that creates that type of response.”

This causes Amber to go full-on “tea theory” all over everyone.

“If I’m laying down with a man butt-naked and his condom is on and I say ‘You know what? No. I don’t want to do this. I changed my mind.’ That means no. That means f*cking no. That’s it. It doesn’t matter how far I take it or what I have on.”

When Rev. Run trots out “Dress how you want to be addressed”, Amber literally boos him and the crowd’s enthusiastic response.

“I’m not even looking at you…I didn’t come here to have sex. I didn’t come here to hook up with nobody. I came out here with my girls and I just feel pretty.”

Even though their arguments run counter to the title of the program that they are currently hosting, Rose says she doesn’t blame the hosts for their viewpoints. Rose says that she held them herself at one point and blames it on the “way we were raised.”

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