An Australian Fox Sports Host Posted A Blackface Photo And Quickly Regretted It

You would think that people would learn by now, right? But apparently, the answer is a resounding “No.” Despite the fact that time and time again, dressing in blackface has proven to be one of dumbest things you can do, people still go ahead and test everyone’s nerves by doing it. This brings us to Australian Fox News host Briony Ingerson and her bright decision to dress up in blackface on Instagram to support her colleague who was competing on the jungle-set reality show I’m A Celebrity, Get Me Out Of Here, as captured by her friend and former colleague Ahmed Yussuf. She captioned the photo:

In honour of our bestie @belindamorters running “I’m A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here” we have gathered across the country to celebrate the first episode We Love You Linda!! Xx #africa #hopethiswashesoff #jungle #ferns @carapelc @penelopekcross

Hope it washes off, everyone! Before her Twitter was very wisely changed to private, the Sydney Morning Herald reported the host tweeted the hashtag #notracistatall. See, that cleans everything up! After the media caught wind of the post, it was quickly removed and Ingerson released a statement:

“I’m deeply upset that my Instagram post offended people in the community,” she said. “That was not my intent; it was a very poor error in judgement and I now understand how inappropriate it was.

“The post has been removed and I offer my sincere apologies to those that were hurt by it.”

If there’s any advice that we at Uproxx can offer, just listen to our very own The Cajun Boy on the question of dressing up in blackface:


Just no.


The answer to the question, “Should I go out in blackface?” is always a resounding NOOOOOOOOO! Just don’t do it. It’s a terrible, terrible idea.

Well said.

(Via The Sydney Morning Herald)