The Pope Started Laughing When He Saw A Baby Dressed Like Him

09.28.15 3 years ago 3 Comments

The pope lives the life of a rock star, because he is one.

Hundreds of thousands of people will wait hours to see him, and when they finally do, they’ll shriek like teenagers watching The Beatles on The Ed Sullivan Show. On Saturday, Pope Francis, who splits his time between doing boring God stuff and recording tasty jams, was traveling in his pimped-out Popemobile on the Ben Franklin Parkway in Philadelphia when he noticed a baby in the crowd dressed just like him.

Cool Pope giggled at Baby Pope (also known as Quinn) and had a security guard bring the little girl to him, so she could be blessed and kissed. Quinn’s father told ABC 6, “He told his security guard to tell us that we have a great sense of humor.” It’s the funniest thing Pope Francis has seen since Eurotrip.

Now Quinn has a killer “fun fact” story for freshman orientation in college. “Yeah, I once got to first base with the pope. What have you done?”

(Via ABC 6)

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