CCTV Caught Monday’s Bomb Explosion In A Bangkok Temple On Video

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The Erawan Shrine, a popular tourist destination in Bangkok, was bombed on Monday by unidentified bombers. The shrine, located next to a five-star hotel, was full of visitors at the time, and the blast injured more than 100 people and has killed at least 10. The BBC reports that while no person or group has come forward to claim responsibility, Thai officials believe that the bombing was meant to harm Bangkok’s tourist trade.

From the BBC:

Defence Minister Prawit Wongsuwon said the bombers had “targeted foreigners… to damage tourism and the economy”.

“We will hunt them down,” he said.

No further bombs were found in the area, but officials believe that the explosive was meant to carry out mass damage. The BBC reports that no other attack in Bangkok has been as brutal or devastating, and heads of government are already convening to determine what the next steps are.

The Guardian has posted a video of the blast, which was obtained by Reuters. While the video is still unconfirmed, media outlets believe that it is legitimate. While the video isn’t graphic, the scene at the temple is. One bystander told the BBC that, while the bodies have been cleared, human remains can still be found on the street.

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