Behold The Full-Sized LEGO Car That Runs On Air

Pro Wrestling Editor


People are doing crazy things with LEGOs. They’re making replicas of Lord Of The Rings locations, recreating important sports moments, building Terminators … just once I wanted these weird toy geniuses to do something useful. The world has enough Batman jokes for babies, LEGO guys, do something that aids society’s blocky march forward.

Enter: an actual-car-sized car piloted by human beings, made entirely out of LEGO, powered by air. Not even shitting you right now.

Via Bob’s Blitz:

Melbourne’s Steve Sammartino (@sammartino) and Raul Oaida (@rauloaida) asked Twitter followers to donate money so that they could build a life sized LEGO car.

40 responded. And 500,000 LEGO pieces later, they have their LEGO car complete with an engine that has four orbital engines and a total of 256 pistons that run on air.

Here’s the car in action:

That thing can’t be comfortable to sit in. Have you ever stepped on a LEGO? I don’t want my entire butt to feel like that.

Anyway, congratulations on being massive geniuses, guys. I hope you’re driving that thing to the LEGO Deathmatch:

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