There Was A Black Friday Weekend Death After All

11.26.12 2 Comments

On Friday we noted that there hadn’t been a single death resulting from Black Friday shopping that had been reported, perhaps signifying that America had turned a corner and was shunning unfathomable madness in favor of embracing reason, logic and common sense. Well, so much for that!

Turns out, someone did die over the frenzied shopping weekend, just not on Friday. Even worse, the person who died did so from injuries suffered at the hands of Walmart employees after the deceased attempted to shoplift a couple of DVD players.

Reports the Atlanta Journal Constitution:

The Black Friday shopping weekend took a tragic turn early Sunday morning when a suspected shoplifter died while being apprehended by employees and a contract security officer outside a Lithonia Walmart.

Two store employees who helped catch and subdue the suspect before police arrived have been placed on leave. The security officer, who police say may have placed the suspected thief in a choke hold, is no longer working for Walmart, the company said.

Following the incident, Walmart put out a statement saying that “no amount of merchandise is worth someone’s life.” But what about Chris Brown?

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