This Video Shows The Painstaking, Melted Details Of What Happens When You Blowtorch A TV

09.10.16 2 years ago

The better our technology gets, the more we become fascinated with destroying it, documenting said destruction and putting serene music over that destruction. Such is our nature, why bother fighting it?

The folks behind the YouTube channel Let’s Melt This were kindly donated a 55″ flatscreen from someone who was upgrading to a newer, bigger model. The old one, you see, was donated to science. Well, okay, maybe not for science, but for blowtorchin’ it on YouTube for all of the world to witness.

In a way, it’s a bit melancholy to watch the layers of the television melt away, bit by tiny, plastic bit. Parts of the television blister, peel, shrink and crack throughout the video, with the rubber inside of connection ports bubbling before they melt, the metal holding up under the intense heat of a blowtorch being held up to it. The labels peeling away before disintegrating just kind of makes you feel empty on the inside, like anything that mankind can build, name and put its stamp on can’t really withstand the test of time.


This was probably an okay television at some time, and perhaps some of these labels were boasting features that blew minds at the time, now its owner has shed it in lieu of something bigger, higher resolution or maybe even curved. It’s the Brave Little Toaster all over again.

(Via Sploid)

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