This Bridesmaid Was So Happy That She Passed Out When The Newlyweds Kissed

If there’s one thing you want on your wedding day, it’s to make lots of lovely memories that you can cherish forever. And for one happy couple, the most lasting memory of their wedding will likely be this photo of the groom’s sister just passing the hell out when the couple kissed for the first time.

The Daily Mail reports that the groom, who posted the picture on Imgur, claims his sister fainted from not eating enough on a hot day, but it’s more romantic to believe that she was just overwhelmed with joy and unable to complete her bridesmaid duties because it was just all too much for her.

The sister, who shall forever remain nameless in the media, was fine a few minutes later, but, understandably, very embarrassed. And now that the picture’s on the Internet (and receiving thousands of views per minute), she’s probably glad that you can only see her legs in the photo. I just wish we could have all heard the crash.

(Via Imgur)