A Couple Was Caught Having Sex On The Red Carpet At Cannes

Red carpets are basically the worst place on Earth. If you’re a celebrity, you have to hear the same four questions over and over again. Are you excited to be here, tell me about your process, could five Minions beat up Shrek, etc. And if you’re a reporter or photographer, you’re packed in tight next to some sweaty Ent, while the most attractive people on Earth pose near you in million-dollar dresses. But it could be worse: At least no one’s had sex where you’re standing.

Unless you’re at Cannes.

All the creativity at the Cannes Lions festival clearly became too stimulating for one couple spotted getting romantic outside the famed Palais’ des Festivals, right in the middle of the red carpet. The amorous ad pair romped on the red carpet [early] Tuesday morning. (Via)

“What are you wearing?” “NOTHING.” I say good for them. Cannes Lions bills itself as “the world’s biggest annual awards show and festival for professionals in the creative communications industry.” Which means there are a lot of dorks there. It’s their one time a year to cut loose, and these two are essentially recreating the plot of Cedar Rapids. Minus John C. Reilly.

If this turns out to be a #viral #stunt, I blame Jimmy Kimmel.