Celebrity Googly Eyes Is Just Getting Started, Seems Unclear On What Constitutes A Celebrity

Building on the good times “X-Men with Googly Eyes” concept a new Tumblr has emerged that ups the ante by adding GIF’d up googly eyes to celebrity photos. It is appropriately called “Celebrity Googly Eyes.” The only problem is the site runners don’t seem to have a handle on what constitutes a “celebrity” in 2012.
The handful of entries thus far consist solely of historical figures, ironically appreciated 20th century celebs, and Tan Mom. As someone who has greatly improved the outward disposition of their genitalia with googly eyes before, I appreciate what they’re doing, but let’s get this thing revv’d people! Angelina Jolie is always a good place to start. And how about passed out Lindsay Lohan? That seems like low-hanging fruit. Toss some googlers on Travolta and his recent accusations seem a lot more playful. They pretty much googly eye themselves.
Here are several I like despite the misnomer, because, you know, moving googly eyes.
Celebrity Googly Eyes