Watch This Angry Girlfriend Set Her Cheating Boyfriend’s Crotch Ablaze

This video is pretty self-evident, but it still begs to be seen. A woman takes revenge on her boxer brief-clad boyfriend, who seems to be a very heavy sleeper. He doesn’t wake up when she pours fingernail polish remover on his crotch. He doesn’t wake up the instant she takes a lighter to the fluid. Fortunately, he does eventually rise from slumber and roll off the bed to extinguish his crotch full of flames. In the background, the girlfriend’s voice tells the dude why he suddenly became a burned man — because he cheated with her co-worker. Big mistake, buddy.

Will this guy ever perform well enough to cheat again? Who knows. This guy has a long road to recovery, if not physically, but emotionally. Every time he gets busy in the future, he’ll be thinking of this terrifying, not quite towering, inferno. The woman sought what she saw as appropriate revenge, and he deserved a little something for sure. Did this girlfriend go overboard? Absolutely. But this guy will probably never cheat again on anyone. If he is dumb enough to walk down the road of firecrotch again, he’d best be sleeping with one eye open forever.

(via BroBible)