Watch These Guys React Exactly How You’d Expect To A ‘Cheating Girlfriend’ Prank

The pranksters at fouseyTUBE pulled off another cruel prank on the general public. It’s amazing how no one has gotten seriously injured during the making of their videos. Last time we checked up on these merciless pranksters, they were terrifying strangers in elevators while dressed up as Street Fighter characters.

This time, the prank takes a creepy turn for the personal. The main prankster is back, and he’s stalked all his prospective victims on Instagram. He used the social media platform’s geotagging feature to scope out guys and learn details about their girlfriends. Then he walks right up to the guys on the street and announces his presence in their ladies’ pants. None of this is true, of course, but the boyfriends don’t know that much. The joke seems particularly cruel because the prankster doesn’t reveal the hidden camera to all his victims. So he could very well have wrecked some relationships with this viral video.

The reactions in this video vary somewhat, but most of the guys grow really angry, really fast. Some get physical, and some simply walk away in disgust. One guy almost seems relieved and responds, “Congratulations motherf*cker you just got yourself an STD.” Fousey had it coming.

(Via BroBible)