Chris Christie Ripped His Fellow GOP Presidential Debaters For Being Afraid To Talk About ‘Voldemort’ (AKA Trump)

Was the fourth GOP presidential debate even necessary? Have any of them been? After all, none have boasted the guy who’s always crushed the polls: Donald Trump. Those candidates who have shown up — and then there were four — have barely talked about the orange elephant in the room. Really, it’s just been one: Chris Christie, an old buddy-turned-arch-nemesis, who’s made the central fixture of his campaign to try (maybe in vain) to save his party from the orb guy.

At Wednesday’s debate, he turned his ire towards his fellow nominees.

After fielding a tough question from moderator Megyn Kelly, who lit into his poor marks, Christie instead mostly ignored it and tore into today’s GOP instead.

“Well look, Megyn, it is often very difficult to be the only person on stage who is telling the truth and the only person who is taking on what needs to be taken on,” Christie thundered. “I look at my watch now. We’re 17 minutes into this debate, and except for your little speech in the beginning, we’ve had these three acting as if the race is between the four of us. The fifth guy who doesn’t have the guts to show up and stand here, he’s the one as you just put it is way ahead in the polls.”

He then came up with a good insult for Trump that damns his fellow nominees as well.

“Yet I’ve got these three guys who are all seeming to compete with Voldemort, He Who Shall Not Be Named. They don’t want to talk about it,” Christie zinged. He continued:

“The fact is when you go and say the truth about somebody who is a dictator, a bully, who has taken shots at everybody, whether they have given great service or not over time, who dares to disagree with him, then I understand why they’re timid to say anything about it. Maybe they have future aspirations. Maybe those future aspirations are now or maybe four years from now. But the fact of the matter is the truth needs to be told.”

Instead of doing the debates, Trump instead has been granted ego-stroking solo town halls, fielding softball questions from lackeys. The night before, he joined Sean Hannity for some Fox News action, where he made the startling admission that, yes, if re-elected he would be a “dictator,” but, you know, only on the first day. And it’s always a good idea to trust someone who says they’ll be a dictator to keep their promises.

(Via Raw Story)