Crowdfunding Movie Being Supported by Crowdfunding, Of Course

Senior Contributor

Crowdfunding is becoming an interesting beast. The Pebble Smart Watch is well on its way to collecting $10 million and may be the first crowdfunded consumer product to be a major mainstream hit. This was right after Double Fine, a beloved game studio, broke records getting crowdfunding for its new adventure game. It’s even on the cusp of becoming a method for the man on the street to invest in small companies.

And, yet, there’s no documentary or even much written about crowdfunding. Which is where “Capital C” comes in — and, you guessed it, you can crowdfund it.

It’ll be interesting to see the documentary come together: the advantages, and limits, of crowdfunding are still somewhat misunderstood and they’ve got some interesting interview subjects lined up. And, presumably, they’ll be able to explore the dynamics of Kickstarter, which has emerged from its “Etsy for Hipsters” reputation into an actual legitimate source of funding.

Just see if you can find some of the wackier Kickstarters, guys. It’s just not a documentary without some weirdos.

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