This Defendant Ripped A Huge One And Gave New Meaning To ‘Open Court’

An alleged criminal learned the hard way not to disturb a judge during proceedings. During a set of routine preliminary hearings, one of the gathered defendants couldn’t help himself. He let one fly in the worst way, and the judge showed no mercy. What’s worse, the other defendants sold him out. Everyone smelled it, and everyone knew who dealt it.

Place yourself in this guy’s orange jumpsuit. You’re in court, and you’re cuffed. Whaddya gonna do about it? These guys aren’t eating well, so there’s a certain amount of sympathy. Many of us have seen what the ladies on Orange Is the New Black endure. The characters of the show enjoy comparatively luxurious conditions with convenient, in-house chefs. These guys are lucky to receive a prison loaf.

Still, a preliminary hearing is the worst time to make a bad first impression with a judge.

(via BroBible)