This Pothole In Detroit Doesn’t Even Look Real

On Monday morning, thousands of Detroit commuters on I-75 encountered what many are calling the largest pothole in the United States. The obscenely large hole in the ground flattened at least 25 tires before it was patched (the pic above represents the section of concrete that was removed).

The pictures don’t look real. It looks roughly the size of three adult men.

In May, Michigan voters rejected Proposal 1, a sales tax hike designed to fix roads. But the language of the proposal was simply too confusing for people, many of whom thought the state legislature was pulling a fast one on them.

Compounding the voter dissatisfaction, most of the details weren’t spelled out in the ballot language. Passage of Proposal 1 would have triggered into law 10 bills that the Legislature passed during an all-night, lame-duck session in December and tied to the success or failure of the constitutional amendment that went before voters.