DJ Khaled Teases A Major Key And A Kim Kardashian Snapchat

Social-media sensation DJ Khaled used to be known as the voice yelling “We The Best!” at the beginning of some of the most popular rap tracks of the new millennium. He has since seen his notoriety rise to unimaginable levels due to his awkward, yet oddly inspirational social-media presence. From being lost at sea to going shoe shopping, DJ Khaled’s Snapchat has given his followers an in-depth look into every aspect of his lavish life. On Tuesday, Khaled gave another insightful look into his life with another social-media megastar — Kim Kardashian West.

Kim, who doesn’t have a public Snapchat at the moment, appeared in an Instagram video from Khaled’s account. In the clip, she is located on Khaled’s right as he hints that Kim’s public snapchat may be created soon. Kim looks slightly embarrassed, covering her smile and looking away from the camera, as Khaled says, “Ayo Kim, they don’t want you to wear the Saint Laurent fur. They don’t want you to break the app store. They don’t want you to be the biggest boss in the game. So what we gone do is we gone win more.”

Kim added to the intrigue of whether or not she’d create a Snapchat by posting a still image of the video on her Instagram with the caption, “Should I?” Will she? Won’t she? Either way, DJ Khaled will continue to tell her that they don’t want her to create a Snapchat. Reserve psychology is so strong.

(Via Global Grind)