This Dog Got Its Mind Blown By Magic, But Would Still Like His Treat, Please

This dog doesn’t have a name, but he or she represents many of us who have been teased with something wonderful only to have it taken away by means of actual magic. This little pup gets his mind totally blown when his owner makes a fabulous treat disappear into thin air. He’s probably really impressed, but what about the treat?

“Seriously, bro. What about my treat?”

“Hahaha, so cute! The dog is bugging out.”

“But for real, you had a treat that was perfectly edible and you made it disappear. During very shaky economic times. What kind of adventure-seeking daredevil are you, playing with fire like that? … I will land the nastiest deuce in your shoe if you don’t produce that treat, dude… Fine.”

Source: Tastefully Offensive