Donald Trump Is Refusing To Take Credit For Ron DeSantis’ Hilarious Nickname

Yesterday, Donald Trump sunk to a new low — when it comes to nicknames, at least. “Wow, is The Washington Post becoming legit,” the former president wrote on Truth Social. “They just reported that the weak and totally ineffective Secretary of Transportation, Pete ‘BUTTedgeedge,’ LIED when he said that…”

Blah blah blah, etc. The rest of his social media rambling doesn’t matter. What does matter is that he dubbed Pete Buttigieg “BUTTedgeedge,” an insult that’s not only confusing, it’s also borderline “homophobic” and just plain lazy. Where’s the inspired Trump that came up with Meatball Ron?

Oh wait, that wasn’t one of his. Trump has repeatedly denied calling the Florida governor “Meatball Ron,” which makes sense. DeSantis is his biggest opponent for the Republican ticket in 2024; you don’t want to give your rival a cool nickname. I want to hang out with a guy named Meatball Ron.

When asked about his actual nickname for DeSantis (“Ron DeSanctimonious”) and what he thinks of another pitch (“Ron De-stablishment”) on the America First with Sebastian Gorka podcast, Trump said, “You know, they came out with lots of different names. ‘Meatball.’ I didn’t like that one too much. But, they came out with a lot of different names, and that’s not bad. I’ve heard of worse.”

So… you’re saying Meatball is still up for grabs?

(Via Mediaite)