Watch This Oblivious Dump Truck Driver Run Directly Into A Highway Sign

This video is a fine example of what can occur when someone has a giant brain fart on the job.

In the clip (which is supposedly from Pakistan), a dump truck can be seen barreling down a highway with its bed tilted high in the air. To make matters worse, a large sign with a low clearance is ahead of the vehicle. You can pretty much guess what happens next. The truck smashes into the sign, completely destroying it. The force of the collision is so strong, it almost causes the giant rig to tip over. Somehow, though, it stays upright, and comes to a complete stop. Miraculously, no other vehicles get involved in the carnage.

The absent-minded individual who drove this truck will probably have a lot of explaining to do when they get back to the office.

(Via Live Leak)