This Facebook Video Backfired By Showing A Guy A Cheery Slideshow Of His Near Fatal Car Accident

One complaint many people have about Facebook is that the social media platform gets a little too intrusive in our day to day lives. Yes, the “on this day” function is great when it’s reminding you about that totally adorable time your niece ate french fries that day six years ago, but not so great when it reminds you about that time you got fired from your job. Likewise, do we really need to be bombarded with friendship anniversary videos of casual acquaintances and constant reminders of who we stalk online? I would friend her if I wanted to friend her, dammit! Now leave me alone!

Likewise, when a man named Josh Gibson documented his near fatal car accident and the loss of his beloved ’99 Toyota 4Runner, he was probably not expecting Facebook to create a cheery video slideshow with photos and video of the unfortunate incident. But that’s what happened! Titled “Friday in Orem,” the video shows the wreckage of his overturned 4Runner (as well as the red Mitsubishi 3000 GT that apparently collided with it), set to a cutesy little ditty and complete with fun animated accents.

Thanks for the memories, Facebook, as always. Already looking forward to the next time we’re prompted to wish a happy birthday to an old classmate who passed away.

(Via Reddit)