Feminist Ryan Gosling Is The Ryan Gosling Gloria Steinem Would Want Ryan Gosling To Be

10.13.11 8 years ago

I’ll admit it: I learned about the Feminist Ryan Gosling Tumblr the other day shortly after it launched but ignored it because a) I’m sort of getting burned out on Ryan Gosling (I think my threshold was reached when he broke up that NYC street fight) and b) there are already more Tumblrs dedicated to the worship of Ryan Gosling than there are churches dedicated to the worship of Jesus in Texas. But I finally caved this afternoon and I learned a valuable lesson in the process: too much Ryan Gosling is not enough.
Seriously y’all, this thing is still in its infancy stages (it’s only two pages deep) but it’s freaking funny and I think there’s plenty of potential for more LOLs. So I put together a mini-gallery of my ten favorites for your viewing pleasure. Just be careful, ladies — you just might fall in love.

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