A Florida Wal-Mart Employee Shot Up A Co-Worker’s Car Over The ‘Employee Of The Month’ Award

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12.16.13 8 Comments

Employee of the Month is no longer just a reminder that people think that Dane Cook is a good actor, as a Florida man has been arrested for shooting a co-worker’s car over the company honor. According to CBS Miami, a Wal-Mart employee named Willie Mitchell was arrested on charges of discharging a firearm from a vehicle after surveillance footage from his store’s parking lot showed him pulling up next to a co-worker’s SUV and firing a bullet at the back window.

Because the unnamed female coworker wasn’t in the car at the time, the police believe the incident was more of an act of warning, as Mitchell was allegedly upset that woman won their Wal-Mart’s Employee of the Month award instead of him. But it’s not really a great story unless we have a strong quote from the police to really drive it home.

“She was announced as the employee of the month which you would think that would be something good, people would be happy for her,” [BSO Spokesperson Veda] Coleman-Wright said. “But there was one employee who wasn’t happy.”

“Perhaps (Mitchell) wanted to be employee of the month but clearly these actions that we saw in response to this, I think we see why he wasn’t chosen as employee of the month,” Coleman-Wright said. (Via CBS Local)

That is, unless his official Wal-Mart title is “Customer Greeter and Guy Who Shoots His Co-Worker’s Car Window,” in which case I’d say he definitely deserves it.


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