For $100, You Could Buy A Necklace With A Gold Piece Of Cronut In It


Valentine’s Day is a tricky time. Does your lovebunny want flowers? Diamonds? Chocolates? How about a necklace with a gold-encrusted piece of stale food in it? But not just any food. The coveted cronut. That’s what New York’s Dominique Ansel Bakery hopes to provide 100 lucky individuals at just $100 a pop.

Romantic gift? Maybe. What it definitely is is a waste of a damn cronut. You don’t let a precious one of those crumbs go to waste. You eat it with your mouth. You don’t wear it on your neck.

Want to impress your pastry-loving lady? Just buy her $100 worth of cronuts. You will get literally just as laid.

Source: Eater