Geraldo Rivera Has Had Enough Of Texas GOP Rep. Chip Roy Gaining ‘Sexual Pleasure From The Chaos’ Of Airport Cancellations

Geraldo Rivera’s completely unafraid to go up against his Fox News colleagues’ ultra-conservative views when he sees fit. That’s especially the case when he’s going up against far-right cheerleader Tucker Carlson on vaccinations and immigration. Tucker is, of course, the guy who shoots back immature responses on serious issues, but Geraldo showed that he, too, was willing to toss out some juvenile language in a different context. Did it work? Well, sort of, but since Geraldo was sparring with Jesse Watters, maturity can be considered relative.

On the Tuesday edition of The Five, the two co-hosts clashed on the subject of rampant Southwest Airlines cancellations (thousands of them) that have brought airports to a partial standstill for several days. There are rumors (denied by the company, which is blaming staffing issues) that pilots and crew members did a coordinated walkout to protest mandated vaccines. And many prominent Republicans, like Ted Cruz, took the rumors as fact and ran with them while trashing Biden (and any companies who are participating in vaccine mandates, which are now a federal requirement in companies with over 100 employees) in a celebratory manner.

That attitude is shared by GOP Rep. Chip Roy out of Texas, who told Southwest to “eat it” on Twitter while declaring, “This makes me happier than I can possibly articulate.” Roy also suggested that Southwest pay out any bailout dollars from the pandemic stimulus.

Geraldo has had it with the celebrations. Via Mediaite, Geraldo went off on Roy (while Watters disagreed): “This is a guy getting almost sexual pleasure from the chaos and the destruction!”

He also slammed the pilots as “screwing” Southwest customers, who are caught in the middle of this whole mess. He’s not wrong.

(Via Mediaite)