Geraldo Called Out Tucker Carlson On His ‘Xenophobic’ Views And Received An Immature Response (Of Course)

Geraldo Rivera’s had quite a week, beginning with his crusade against “arrogant, selfish” unvaccinated Americans while supporting banning them from public spaces. He got into it with Jesse Watters and Greg Gutfeld’s faces as the trio squared off on the issue, too, while saying that he’d kick unvaccinated people “in the ass” if they “come into my grandchildren’s house.” So to (almost) close out the week, we’ve got The Five welcoming Tucker Carlson to discuss immigration.

Such a situation poised itself for fireworks, especially since Geraldo expressed how he expected Tucker to come in and blame undocumented immigrants for bringing Covid-19 into the country. It didn’t take long for the exchange to grow contentious, with Geraldo pointing out that these views (regarding smallpox and tuberculosis) have been “the xenophobic reaction to immigrants since the Irish…” To which Tucker interrupted with an “are you freaking kidding me?” Rivera attempted to continue with “in the 19th century,” and Tucker responded with an “oh spare me.” That led to Rivera continuing with “the Chinese in the 1880s, the Italians” before Tucker made it clear that he wasn’t interested: “Sorry, I just threw up in my mouth.”

Naturally, this didn’t lead anywhere productive. Tucker ranted about how there’s a “double standard” that people are being “forced to take a vaccine” and how “Americans can be arrested for not wearing a mask.” He didn’t really make a coherent argument to how he felt that “foreign nationals” are “exempt from the requirements that we live under.” Of course, Tucker doesn’t really realize that he’s talking about unconnected issues here. The U.S.-Mexico border situation isn’t going well for other reasons that stretch far and wide across multiple administrations. And those reasons are largely separate from how Americans, including members of Congress, are throwing tantrums over wearing a small piece of cloth to protect others. Also, Covid-19 is everywhere already. Blaming undocumented immigrants for the situation is inaccurate.

In the end, Rivera realized that Tucker wasn’t budging, so he stepped down and mentioned that perhaps Greg Gutfeld could “ask you about fishing.”

(Via Mediaite)