‘Gifolas Cage’ Is The Nic Cage GIF Shrine The Internet Deserves

Being good, upstanding citizens of the internet, I’m sure all of you took a moment of time on Saturday to recognize Nic Cage’s birthday, right? Wait, you DIDN’T?! Oh, well, that’s just unfreakingacceptable, Sparky! How dare you?! Are you forgetting that Nic Cage is a virtual gift from the internet gods, an “actor” whose “acting” is so demonstratively over-the-top that it wouldn’t surprise me one bit if he were the single person or thing that inspired the invention of the GIF.

With that said, I recently ran across “Gifolas Cage” — a Tumblr solely devoted to Nic Cage GIFs — and I can see no better way to honor our esteemed birthday boy than by featuring some of my favorite Gifolas Cage offerings. Flip through them and genuflect at this man’s GIFable greatness. These GIFs are almost as head-on-fire awesome as the man who inspired them. Almost.

(HT: Places We Used To Go)