A Girl Bet Her Friend That She Wouldn’t Draw A Penis With Nike+ And Here’s The Result

01.08.14 5 years ago 5 Comments

Nike Penis

In case you’ve been on the fence about getting a Nike Fuel Band or just downloading the Nike+ app to use for your yogging routines, here’s a little story via Reddit that might convince you that it’s the right choice. Reddit user “Alyxchosen” bet her friend, another Reddit user that goes by “sglider12,” that she wouldn’t draw a penis for her using the Nike+ app. The wager? A $20 Amazon gift card.

The result? “Alyxchosen” is $20 poorer, because not only did “sglider12” make the run on a local football field in the shape of a penis, but she really went all out in making sure that the end result looked… throbbingly accurate. For starters, she deserves plenty of credit not only for the distance she was willing to run to make this happen, but also the attention to detail…

Nike attention to detail

Then there was the planning and mapping…

Nike planning

Finally, there’s the dedication to the penis-drawing artform…

Nike art

I’m pretty sure that this is exactly what Nike’s designers and engineers were thinking when they first developed Nike+. Job well done, everyone.

(H/T to Happy Place)

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