The Previously Batman-Less ‘Gotham’ TV Show Is Getting Significantly More Batman

When we first heard about Fox’s Gotham TV series, it was described as an origin story about Commissioner James Gordan, but not Batman. At the time, Danger Guerrero astutely pointed out, “Isn’t making a Batman-less drama about Gotham City a little like making a show about the children’s basketball team from Air Bud before the dog showed up at practice?”

Good news for Air Bud fans. Fox chairman Kevin Reilly has announced Gotham will also include a very young (“around 12”) Batman and classic villains like Penguin and Catwoman.

During a press tour, Reilly limited the questioning with an egg timer, then reset the timer and continued giving details about Gotham, because you don’t just stop talking about Batman when an egg timer tells you to. He’s the gotdamn Batman.

The show won’t have “a bunch of characters you’ve never heard of,” Reilly promised. “We see Detective Gordon, before he’s a commissioner, all the characters you know, Bruce Wayne, the Penguin, all of them. It’s Gotham teetering on the edge, and we see what makes these characters become who they are, [like] Catwoman. It’s an operatic soap that has a slightly larger-than-life quality to it.” [Hitfix]

Reilly also said the young Bruce Wayne will finally put on the cape in the series finale, with the entire series building up to that moment. Another origin story? That’s new.

And now, without further ado, we proudly present this EXCLUSIVE first look at Fox’s Gotham.

Okay, that was actually the Gotham High mashup, but you know I’m right.