Great News, Fellas: Tan Mom Has Filed For Divorce

The holidays can be a pretty lonely time for many Americans who don’t have Adult Friend Finder accounts, so when one of this country’s greatest celebrities and all-around national treasures announces that she’s back on the market, you have to imagine that millions of men are going to start competing for her affection. In this case, that great celebrity is Patricia Krentcil, or Tan Mom, as so many people have affectionately come to know her ever since she put her child into a tanning bed.

According to TMZ, Tan Mom has filed for divorce from her husband, Richard Krentcil, who apparently blows Jon Gosselin out of the water when it comes to blowing the best thing that he’s ever had.

Tan Mom tells TMZ … she decided to call off the 8-year marriage because Richard recently failed a lie detector test about infidelity on a TV show called “The Test.”

In the docs, Tan Mom demands $500 per week in spousal support PLUS $500 per week in child support so she can care for their 2 children. Tan Mom is also asking for full custody. (Via TMZ)

Now before you lather yourselves up in bronzer, bros, you should probably know that Richard isn’t letting his one true love go without a fight. But when you’re an immensely talented golden angel like Tan Mom, you simply can’t let one man hold you down. And with $1,000 a week coming in child support, you might as well get ready for a life of solid gold yachts, diamond-encrusted helicopters and baby seal omelets.

The best thing about dating Tan Mom? She might even serenade you with that incredible voice.

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