Gwyneth Paltrow Reportedly Ended Her Food Stamp Challenge With A Fireball Shot

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Fresh off her failed Food Bank Challenge, Gwyneth Paltrow went to New York City for the three-day-long reunion of her high school alma mater, the renowned Spence School, where, according to Page Six, she reportedly got “down-and-dirty” at Dorrian’s Red Hand pub on the Upper East Side. Presented without commentary because I love it so much, this is what Paltrow supposedly drank while mingling with the common people:

Spies said Paltrow was with friends, “drinking Coors Light,” and even imbibed a “Fireball shot.”

I love that they even described it as she “imbibed” the Fireball shot. As if there’s any better word to use for cheap, cinnamon-flavored whiskey passing through Paltrow’s lips. Why do I think this will end with some version of high-end, small batch craft Fireball popping up in the Goop Store for $149?