This Burger-Themed Japanese Girl Group Is Quite A Whopper

10.14.15 3 years ago


So, this past weekend, we wrote about Ladybaby, a Japanese metal band fronted by two teenage girls and a bearded, cross-dressing Australian wrestler-turned-singer. Now comes Hamburgirl Z, another eccentric musical export from Japan quickly becoming known for being a burger-themed girl group.

Hamburgirl Z’s manager Shintaro Yabu started the band to promote hamburgers on Awajishima Island, but the 15-piece collective (yes, 15) has evolved into an actual group, with each member representing a different ingredient.

What are the ingredients, you ask? Well… beef, lettuce, egg, tomato, Awajishima fish, Awajishima chicken, Awajishima W Onion, Awajishima W Onion (yes, there’s two onions portrayed by twins), pork/bacon, pickles, avocado, pineapple, mushroom, green pepper, and eggplant.

Hamburgirl Z is marketed as an “idol group,” meaning their brand is a combination of food, music, cuteness, personality, and their ability to be considered as role models for young people. But, most importantly, they’re preaching the gospel of hamburgers. “All Hamburgirl Z songs are full of love for hamburgers,” said band leader Rinya (beef) in a mission statement. “We want to have people of all generations interested in hamburgers. We truly love hamburgers, and we want everyone else to love them, too.”

What a time to be alive. If you want to learn even more about the band, Japanese culture blogger Tofugu wrote an extensive feature on them. Now, all we need is a 20-piece collective dedicated to talking about pizza.


(Via Acclaim)

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