People Are Now Naming Babies After Instagram Filters

baby taking selfie

There’s no law requiring you to name your child something rational. You can force whatever silly name you want on your children, although sooner or later, it’s going to cause problems. But if you have to inflict a silly name on your child, it looks like an Instagram filter is at least not a completely awful choice.

Time breaks down the current fad among parents and offers up a few Insta-inspired names:

The most popular name derived from the photo-sharing app was Lux, which rose 75 percent on the list of baby boy names compared to last year, new statistics from show. Ludwig, Amaro, Reyes, Hudson and Kelvin also increased in popularity for boy names, while baby girls were named Juno, Valencia and Willow.

Now, granted, there are a few problems with these names: Naming your kid after a measurement of temperature or a type of orange seems like a one-way ticket to mockery once they hit grade school. On the other hand, celebrities have inflicted far worse names on their kids, and at least these are actual names. You’ve got to wonder what Apple Paltrow Martin and Kal-El Cage will think of their names in high school.

That said, there’s plenty of emotional fallout for a poorly named baby. So instead of turning to Instagram, these people could consider naming them after a dead relative instead. (Unless that dead relative’s name is Inkwell, X Pro II, or Ima Hogg. If that’s the case, just go with X Pro II and hope for the best.)

(Via Time)

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