Jameis Winston Was Involved In A Benches-Clearing Baseball Brawl Against Florida

The Florida Gators defeated the No. 1 FSU Seminoles 4-1 in baseball last night to clinch the series win between the two teams, but nobody really gives a hunk of rawhide about that. In the top of the 8th inning, the benches cleared for a good, old-fashioned college base-brawl (trademark pending) after a Noles hitter ran over the Gators pitcher on a softly-hit grounder to first base. Both benches cleared and coaches, umpires and even police officers had to get involved to stop the bitter enemies from making the mothers in the stands scream, “Won’t somebody think of the children?!?!”

This is only college baseball, so nobody is really calling any of these players out by name; however, this is FSU baseball and that means that Jameis Winston, the two-sport star of the Seminoles, might have been involved, so we’re going to go to the video now to see if we can spot him.

Oh come on, don’t we have anything better than really blurry still frame shots?

Okay, at least that video had live action of what seemed to be a fight to the death between the Smurfs and California Raisins. Come on, YouTube, let’s find one good video to solve this whole mess.

Well, I guess that’s the best we can do. That looks like Winston being held back by several people around the :37 mark on the left of the screen, but I was more distracted by the girl on the right side. Was she trying to get into this fight or was she running for dear life? I would pay a lot of money to see a girl just start kicking all of these guys’ asses.

Fortunately, Deadspin revealed this much clearer Tweet and photo that shows us that was, indeed, Winston being held back by people.

Somewhere Jimbo Fisher spit his bourbon out in outrage and prayed that his quarterback for probably just one more year would save all his fighting for the NFL.