Kids Get Revenge On Dear Old Dad With These ‘Jimmy Kimmel Live’ Father’s Day YouTube Pranks

Jimmy Kimmel has this charming Father’s Day tradition each year in which — instead of spoiling dear old dad — he asks viewers to prank their fathers in a variety of delightful ways. Past years pranks involved “feeding” their dads breakfast in the shower, dumping breakfast on them in bed, “hop on pop,” and “I sprayed my dad with a hose” — the latter of which is not even a prank, it’s literally just people hosing their dads down with water.

Ahead of this year’s prank, which is throwing a ball or something not dangerous (key words) at dad and yelling “catch” when he’s not expecting it, Kimmel put together this compilation of those previous years’ pranks. If it seems a little mean, it probably is, but kids need to get their revenge somehow after all those Halloween candy pranks.