Jon Stewart Slammed The Right-Leaning Supreme Court, Calling Them ‘The Fox News Of Justice’

Republicans have been on a tear the last two weeks. With an avalanche of radical decisions, the right-leaning Supreme Court, stacked with questionably appointed Trump-backed justices, have changed America in dramatic and speedy fashion. Gone is Roe v. Wade; the EPA, which has long kept everyday Americans safe, has been neutered. (In response, Democratic lawmakers have done…not much.) Lots of celebrities have expressed their, shall we say, displeasure with the Court. And now Jon Stewart has written them off with a memorable, succinct takedown.

“In my mind, the idea that this was based in any kind of reasoned debate or philosophical education — the Supreme Court is now the Fox News of justice in my mind,” the comic and commentator said on an episode of The Problem with Jon Stewart. “It is a cynical pursuit in the same way that Fox News would come out with ‘we’re fair and balanced’ under the patina of what would be a high-status pursuit to the betterment of society, journalism. They are a cynical political arm.”

Stewart also reminded people that three of the sitting justices were not so truthful with their feelings about Roe v. Wade during their confirmation process. “When you look at the ridiculous kabuki theater now of justice confirmation, where they can just go out there and just f*cking lie, like if this were about debate, then they would’ve understood what perjury meant,” he said. “But they are now the Fox News of justice. I mean, there is no consistency. States can’t regulate guns, but they can regulate [uteruses], you know?”

Still, Stewart tried to remain hopeful. “I think the thing that struck me was, you know, ‘the arc of the moral universe is long, but it bends towards justice.’ Right?” he said. “And I think we’re all sort of steeped in that ethos. What you don’t realize is there is a goodly amount of individuals who are trying to bend it back.”

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(Via The Hill)