Jonathan Majors Has Avoided Jail Time But Must Attend A 52-Week Program For Domestic Violence Intervention

Last December, Jonathan Majors was convicted of assault and harassment against ex-girlfriend Grace Jabbari. This verdict followed extensive lead-up that included messy defense tactics from Majors’ attorney, who was called out by the judge, who in turn did not appear to be thrilled with the defense’s attempts to sway public opinion by releasing text messages and the like.

In the end, however, a New York jury found Majors guilty on two of three counts against him, and since that time, his team attempted to postpone sentencing but decided to give up that fight. Variety now reports that Majors, likely because this case produced a first-time conviction, has avoided jail time. He will instead serve a year of probation and be required to attend a year-long domestic violence intervention program, as Hollywood Reporter reports. Deadline further detailed more about the program for “in person batterers” along with more conditions of this probation:

In sentencing Monday, Judge Gaffey also issued a permanent order of protection against any contact whatsoever with Jabbari and continued therapy for Majors. The actor cannot apply for or own a gun, the judge also said. Any violation of the sentencing terms could result in Majors being put behind bars for up to 364 days, Gaffey made clear today. If Majors does not complete the West Coast intervention program, he could also face six months in jail.

Majors declined to make a statement ahead of sentencing. Jabbari, however, told the judge, “He is not sorry and has not accepted responsibility. He will do this again. He will hurt another women. This is a man who believes he’s above the law.”

Following Majors’ conviction, Disney/Marvel Studios cut ties with him on the role of Kang the Conqueror, who had appeared to be set for a long-term MCU run. Additionally, Disney made the decision to shelve Magazine Dreams, which stars Majors as a troubled body builder who is prone to violence and rage. As noted above, the actor could eventually face jail if he violates his probation in any way, including any failure to complete his intervention program.

(Via Variety, Hollywood Reporter & Deadline)