Justin Bieber Walked Out Of His Own Concert Because Fans Couldn’t Control Themselves

The Comedy Central Roast Of Justin Bieber - Show
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After walking out of a radio interview the day before, Justin Bieber walked out of a concert in Oslo, Norway after fans began grabbing at his ankles when he walked to the front of the stage to begin his performance.

Complex shared video of the incident, in which Bieber throws down some sort of cloth and tries to wipe the stage with his foot. He then responds with alarm to fans grabbing his ankles, “Hey no what are you doing? Yo yo yo yo! What are you doing?”

Apparently, the fans don’t listen, as he tells them repeatedly to “stop it.” “Listen to me!…Ok, I’m trying to wipe the floor! Gimme a second, yo,” he says somewhat patiently. But when the fans continue–presumably–not to listen, he says, “I’m not doing the show,” and walks off the stage. I guess you don’t get between The Bieber and a clean stage. Or, you know, don’t grab people. You know what happens when you do? Avril Lavigne charges you $400 to just stand next to her. No hug! No nothing!

Later, Bieber apologized on Instagram:

Here’s his entire explanation:

Sadly it’s Been a rough week for me, long days no sleep, while having to be “on” as they would say for cameras fans etc. In no way did I mean to come across mean, but chose to end the show as the people in the front row would not listen. Hopefully people will understand where I am coming from. I don’t always handle things the right way but I’m human and I’m working on getting better at responding not reacting. Unfortunately people were affected by this as am I. For the people in the back I am so sorry and for anyone I may have disappointed im sorry. Sorry for wasting the tv people’s time I’ll be sure to make it up to you next time on tour.. With love Justin.

It sucks that Bieber stood up all those fans who weren’t grabbing at him, but from what I can tell those fans, up front really did seem annoying. In this situation, he might have wanted to split the difference and walk back onstage to finish his performance.

(via Complex)