Republicans Really Don’t Want Noted Election Loser Kari Lake Running For Senate Next

Kari Lake still isn’t admitting that she lost her last election. Maybe she never will. But that may not stop her from pulling a Mulligan, this time eyeing a less powerful position in her state: She may run for Senate, gunning for the seat that may be vacated by wildly unpopular Democrat Kyrsten Sinema. And no one’s more against that than her fellow Republicans.

As per The Wall Street Journal, GOP leaders are worried — probably rightly — that while Lake could clinch the Republican nomination, she would flame out when it comes to the general election itself. After all, she has a track record for being rejected by voters, who already see her as too extreme. Throw in her relentless and baseless accusations of voter fraud, and she may be even more unpopular with the populace.

As such, one adviser says Republicans are “completely paralyzed, waiting for her next steps.” One Arizona columnist went so far as to call Lake a “nightmare” candidate — at least “for the part of the Republican Party that’s sick of losing, that is.”

While Lake could still prove popular with MAGA Republicans, the news isn’t so good for those much-needed independent voters. In the 2022 election — the one that Lake lost — that group favored Democratic candidates by more than 30 points. In other words, if Lake wants to damage the Republican party by costing them a potential Senate seat, she should definitely run.

(Via WSJ)